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The Fight for the US Dollar

Our new documentary project. We are working on the research and story while we are raising the funds for the production to happen.

Find out more about our fundraiser here:

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Bitcoin adoption is happening around the world among nation states and is shocking the current status quo. Global authorities are pressuring these early adopting nations. This film explores why control over other nations’ sovereignty started and how it is done today because of bitcoin.


The goal around the production of this film is to spread education around bitcoin. There is too much misinformation out there surrounding bitcoin because of centralised entities with marketing budgets. Bitcoin being the decentralised asset that it is, also decentralizes incentives. Together, through film, we can focus on the important messages that surround bitcoin. Educational content that calls out the bad actors that are fighting bitcoin and individual freedom is needed for people to understand the importance of this asset for the future of humanity.

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Working on my first bitcoin film ( was very gratifying because of all the hard work that was put into it but mostly because of the response. It helped people that don’t follow the space get a better understanding of bitcoin and also help bitcoiners deepen their understanding of economics and inflation.

In this second film, rather than a purely educational, lecture style film, I want to get into a historical based story that uses the knowledge of experts in their space to comment on the past, the present and the future of our world that now includes Bitcoin. Their expertise will cover Central American history and geopolitics, bitcoin, and policy insights from government officials - government officials that need to be from both sides of the story: USA and Central America. I want to explore and expose the impact the spread of the US dollar has had on the world and how it is currently being enforced in Central America and other places in the world. All in the name of protecting the US dollar


Written by Pierre Corbin

The film starts with a historic scene: animated illustrations and CGI cover the expansion of different civilizations throughout history, describing the ones that have also expanded their monetary control. China, Rome, etc. Finally showing very quickly what is still happening today, zooming in onto France & Central Africa, and then the US, and display their expansion to the world, finally zooming into Central America.


Using archive footage, stills and interviews, explain the history of Central America and the US expansion there through interviews with local historians, local geopolitical scholars and local government officials. Combine archive footage/stills with map animations. Cover small stories from each of the countries in the region and finally focus on El Salvador.


El Salvador has tried to break out of this US dollar domination through the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. It is about nation-state sovereignty, but also individual sovereignty. The decision was influenced by views on inflation, freedom, remittances, and an attempt to bank the unbanked. Following this decision, the government of El Salvador has been under scrutiny from the US government. Interviewing US and local government officials will help viewers understand the motivations behind both sides of the story.


The adoption of bitcoin has gained interest within the rest of the Central American region and countries like Guatemala and Honduras have publicly expressed their interest in bitcoin adoption. So far, no other country in the region has taken the next step. Local government officials that are involved in the decision making will be interviewed to explain the background.


On another continent, 7 months after El Salvador, the Central African Republic has also adopted bitcoin as legal tender. Through this, the country can gain its independence not from the US government and the US dollar, but from the French government and the CFA franc. This scene will be a deep-dive exploration into the control the French government has had on 14 Central African countries since 1945. It is important to show that this is not a US-created problem but that this exists all over the world because of different actors.

We want to explain that fighting bitcoin is essentially fighting freedom. This fact needs to be exposed for viewers to understand the challenges and power issues at hand. A scene that cuts together an explanation from each of the bitcoiner interviewees will give such an explanation from different point of views: monetary, individual freedom, etc.


The last scene will be focused on presenting a future with bitcoin. What would our world look like with Bitcoin. It will cover all aspects of bitcoin’s impact on our world: monetary, inflation, freedom, low time preference and the impacts this can have on consumption and growth, energy, etc. This scene will take inspiration from the short film Bitcoin is Generational Wealth directed by Matt Hornick.


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Samson Mow

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Lyn Alden

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Saifedean Ammous

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Alex Gladstein

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Ricardo Salinas Pliego

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Indira Kempis

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Carlos Maslaton

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Nayib Bukele

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Sen. Cynthia Lummis

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Sen. Jim Risch

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Bill Cassidy

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Bob Menendez

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Alfredo Jalife

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William N. Goetzmann





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V. Piscini


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Sound Mixer

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Mattia Rosinski


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Writer, Director

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Executive Producer

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