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In this page we share every extract from the film in chapter format.

The goal is for viewers to be able to refer back to this page in order to re-watch specific extracts from the documentary and the explanations of particular concepts, as if it were a video dictionary.

Extracts will be shared one by one with a one day interval. Total number of chapters: 18

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

A Short History of our Economic Cycles

Chapter 3

Central Bank Strategies During Deleveraging Events

Chapter 4

Monetary Supply and Inflation

Chapter 5

What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

Chapter 6

What can Central Banks do Today?

Chapter 7

What are Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)?

Chapter 8

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Chapter 9

What is Bitcoin Governance?

Chapter 10

Bitcoin Compared To Other Crypto?

Chapter 11

What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

Chapter 12

What About the Bitcoin Energy Consumption?

Chapter 13

Who is the Bitcoin Community?

Chapter 14

Bitcoin is the Better Form of Money

Chapter 15

Why is Bitcoin Scary to Governments?

Chapter 16

Are Institutions investing in Bitcoin?

Chapter 17

Bitcoin the Black Hole

Chapter 18

The Snowball Effect of Inflation

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