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    Our economy is at a turning point. It is being talked about by governments, central banks, the International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum and more. They themselves call it The Great Reset. The reason for this reset is the fact that these exact same people have let our economy accumulate too much debt. They have allowed this accumulation because of the benefits it has brought to them. They understood that managing our monetary system gives them control over their citizens, gives them unlimited money to push growth and push their personal wealth higher. In fact, certain governments have even gained control over entire countries thanks to this monetary control.

These are all complex topics, but everyone should be aware of how this system works. Because looking back at our history, a situation like the current turning point we are in, if not done properly, will often lead to 2 things:

  1. The destruction of a civilization

  2. Loss of freedom (whether physical, digital or financial)

Because this is a global and organized event, and observing what actions governments have taken in the past 2 years, we know that we are facing the second outcome. Governments want to tighten further the control they have on the financial system and how we as citizens interact with it. If they succeed through the implementation of central bank digital currencies (among other things), citizens will lose part of their freedom ; and we know that freedom taken away, is not easily given back.

If people manage to understand the ramifications and importance that this Great Reset means, they may want to get out. Bitcoin, thanks to its anonimity, its uncontrolled and uncensorable protocol, is the exit door out of this government-controlled system that with enough adoption, would force governments to let go, and give freedom back to people.

Bitcoin, used at a global scale, would change how a lot of things work in our world, including the role governments have in our day to day life, removing their status of omnipotent entity above all citizens. It would also remove the inflation that the majority of people suffer from because of the devaluation of currencies, and would allow citizen's day to day transactions to be completely out of reach from governments. All while being part of a completely transparent system, allowing anyone to audit government transcations, unleashing the true power of democracy.

The goal of the documentary is to look at the current state of our economy by looking at data and at the next moves governments and central banks want to take, in order to study the thesis described above. The documentary also goes into the details of the Bitcoin protocol: how it works, the protocol's governance, its scaling options, the energy it uses and how other cryptocurrencies compare to it in order to understand how Bitcoin fits in the context of The Great Reset and why it could be the safe haven that swallows a big part of the money currently sitting in the legacy financial system as it tries to escape the markets and government influence.

The path to learning about Bitcoin takes a novice through many hoops and loops. A novice entering the space won't properly understand what blockchain is but will instantly be pulled left and right between what altcoins do, what they offer and their so-called benefits over Bitcoin.

Once again, we are facing complex topics. The technology itself is still new, difficult to grasp for technical people, so imagine how difficult it is for non-technical people. It is very important to understand the difference between Bitcoin and altcoins. They are trying to solve different problems. Bitcoin solves the problems with our money and government monetary policies, the type of problems that concern governments and central banks. Whereas altcoins are solving corporate problems, allowing some solutions to exist in a less controlled environment.

Both problems have their merit, but Bitoin is the only truly uncontrolled protocol that solves the important problems that our world is facing today.

I firmly believe that working on developing the Bitcoin network is one of the most noble missions a person can pursue. "Fix the money, fix the world" is one of the most famous Bitcoin phrases, because incentives globally, if set up properly, will impact many more problems in our society, including the sources of our energy consumption, corruption, education and quality of life in general.

Pierre Corbin

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